Specialist Orthodontic Treatment for Children and Adults

We are a small friendly practice, conveniently located in Auckland’s Remuera. We offer specialist orthodontic treatment to the highest standards, with expert staff, in relaxed surroundings.

  • We believe in personal service
    Catherine carries out the treatment herself.
  • We only do orthodontic treatment
    We are not a general dental practice, orthodontics is our passion and our focus.
  • We understand people’s concerns
    We take care to reassure our patients and explain every step of the procedure in detail.
  • We provide safe, professional treatment, always.
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SMS Reminders
We are now able to provide text (SMS) reminders of appointments. If you would like to receive an appointment reminder via SMS, please click the link below to enter a mobile number. For those of you who are currently receiving text reminders and wish to change the mobile number the reminder is sent to, please also use the link below.

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